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Item No.: TP-217
Joint Lock
∮22X1000mm, GW/NW: 13.5/12.5KG, 40X21X30cm/12PCS
∮22X1200mm, GW/NW: 14.5/13.5KG, 46X23X30cm/12PCS
∮22X1500mm, GW/NW: 19/18KG, ...
Item No.: TP-498
Steel Cable Lock
∮8x650mm, 59X25.5X34cm/120PCS, GW/NW16/15KG
∮10X650mm. 37x31.5x31cm/60PCS, GW/NW: 17/16
∮12X650mm, 37x32.5x30.5cm/60PCS, ...
Item No.: TP-501
Spiral Lock
∮8x1000mm, 64x23.5x27cm/60PCS, GW/NW: 19.5/18.5KG
∮10X1000, 66X29.5X25.5cm/60PCS, GW/NW: 21/20KG
∮12X1000mm, 56x30x40cm/60PCS, ...
Item No.: TP-247
Joint Lock
∮22x1000mm, 39.5x20.5x29cm/12PCS, GW/NW: 13.5/12.5KG
∮22X1200mm, 44x22x29cm/12PCS, GW/NW: 14.5/13.5KG
∮22X1500mm, ...
Item No.: TP-711
Chain Lock
8x8x900mm, 44x17x19cm/10PCS, GW/NW: 17/16KG
10X10X1200mm, 56x17x12cm/6PCS, GW/NW: 19.5/18.5KG
12X12X900, 46X17X13cm/6PCS, GW/NW: 21/20KG
Item No.: TP-328
Shackle Lock
180X245mm, 38X26.5X18.5/10PCS, GW/NW: 16/15KG
180X320mm, 38x34x18.5cm/10PCS, GW/NW: 19/18KG
Item No.: TP-S135
Bicycle Chain(old type)
Item No.: TP-S90
Bicycle Chain
Item No.: TP-733
Alarm Lock
10x10x900mm, 58x18x11cm/6PCS, GW/NW: 15/14KG
Item No.: TP-S70
S70(1/2"X3/32") Available colour A(blown)
Pin Length 7.1mm B(blue)
Pin Power 110kgf C(natual white)
Tensile Strength 1015kgf D(silver/blue)
Bushing ...
Item No.: TP-KW658
Luggage Carrier
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: To Order
Item No.: TP-A217
Alloy Hub
Shell: Alloy(Bearings)
Spoke Holes: 36H
Axle Length: (F. QR)108(R. QR)140 145
O. L. D.: (F)100(R)130 135
Color: Silver Black
Item No.: TP-A222
Alloy Hub
Shell: Alloy(sealed bearings)
Spoke Holes: 36H
Axle: 3/8" S45C
O. L. D.: (F)100(R)126 130 135
Color: Silver Black
Item No.: TP-A208
Alloy Hub
Shell: Alloy
Spoke Holes: 24H, 28H, 32H, 36H, 40H
Axle Length: (F. QR)108 (R. QR)136 140 145
O. L. D: (F)100(R)126 130 135
Color: Silver Red ...
Item No.: TP-TP-KWA616-01
Reaar Kickstand
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: To Order
Item No.: TP-HB14
Steel Hub
Shell: Steel
Spoke Holes: 36H 48H 68H 72H 140H 144H
Axle: 3/8"
O. L. D.: (F) 100, (R)110 114
Finish: CP ED Color
Item No.: TP-HB12
Steel Hub
Sheel: Steel
Spoke Holes: 28H, 36H
Axle: 3/8" S45C
Finish: CP ED
Item No.: TP-HR20
Material: Plastic&Rubber
Diameter: 130mm
Width: 24mm
Item No.: TP-HRS07
Training Wheel
Size: 12"-20"
Item No.: TP-HRS16
Training Wheel
Size: 12"/14"/16"/18"/20"
Item No.: TP-FL-611
Size: For 24" 26" 28"
Material: PP
Colour: To Order
Meas: 66X39X35cma/50sets
GW/NW: 14/12.5KGS
Item No.: TP-HW40 & HW33
Plastic Water Bottle
Capacity: 750ML
Item No.: TP-SS81
Caliper Brake
Material: Steel
Finish: CP
Center bolt: F/S51, R/SS30
Item No.: TP-FL-608-2
Size: For 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" 22" 24" 26"
Material: PP
Colour: To Order
Meas: 46x38x34cm/50SETS
GW/NW: 17/16KGS