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Item No.: TP-HT068
Bicycle Basket
Size: 30x20x12cm
Packing Size: 110x21x21cm/30PCS, GW/NW: 19/17KGS
Item No.: TP-S90
Bicycle Chain
Item No.: TP-MV4
Toddler Helmet For 3 Years Old
Air Vents: 4
Size: XS(44-48) cm
Weight: 200g
Sizing System: Head lock 1
Pads: Cool comfort pads
Technology: Out-Mould
Item No.: TP-501
Spiral Lock
∮8x1000mm, 64x23.5x27cm/60PCS, GW/NW: 19.5/18.5KG
∮10X1000, 66X29.5X25.5cm/60PCS, GW/NW: 21/20KG
∮12X1000mm, 56x30x40cm/60PCS, ...
Item No.: TP-HT247

Bicycle Wicker Basket

Material: Wicker

Size: 36X26X22cm
Item No.: TP-KWV8-18
Stem Post Clamp
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: To Order
Item No.: TP-711
Chain Lock
8x8x900mm, 44x17x19cm/10PCS, GW/NW: 17/16KG
10X10X1200mm, 56x17x12cm/6PCS, GW/NW: 19.5/18.5KG
12X12X900, 46X17X13cm/6PCS, GW/NW: 21/20KG
Item No.: TP-FL404-1
Bicycle Grip
Material: PVC/TPR
Size: 117mmx∮22.2mm
Color: To Order
Packing: 53x35x25cm/200PRS
GW/NW: 20/19KGS
Item No.: TP-9724C
Chain river extractor

With a team of high quality professionals insisting on the tenet of integrity, high-quality and high-efficiency, we established ...
Item No.: TP-KWL2
Bar Ends
MAterial: Aluminum Alloy
Color: To Order
Item No.: TP-A201
Alloy Hub
Sheel: Alloy
Spoke Holes: 24H, 28H, 32H, 36H, 40H
Axle: 3/8" S45C
Bicycle seat post
Item No.: TO-6-05
Material: Aluminium
Size: 27.2x300mm or 25.4x300mm
Min. Order: 2,000 Pieces
Item No.: TP-XM-116
Specification: 12X2.125 14X2.125 16X2.125 18X2.125 20X2.125
Item No.: TP-498
Steel Cable Lock
∮8x650mm, 59X25.5X34cm/120PCS, GW/NW16/15KG
∮10X650mm. 37x31.5x31cm/60PCS, GW/NW: 17/16
∮12X650mm, 37x32.5x30.5cm/60PCS, ...
Item No.: TP-247
Joint Lock
∮22x1000mm, 39.5x20.5x29cm/12PCS, GW/NW: 13.5/12.5KG
∮22X1200mm, 44x22x29cm/12PCS, GW/NW: 14.5/13.5KG
∮22X1500mm, ...
Item No.: TP-733
Alarm Lock
10x10x900mm, 58x18x11cm/6PCS, GW/NW: 15/14KG
Item No.: TP-205
Joint Lock
∮18x1000mm, 39x38.5x22.5cm/24PCS, GW/NW: 14/13KG
∮18X1200mm, 42x41.5x22.5cm/24PCS, GW/NW: 17/16KG
∮18X1500mm, 44.5X38X33cm/24PCS, ...
Item No.: TP-HT269
Bicycle Steel Basket
Material: Steel
Size: 38x24x28cm
Item No.: TP-KWB02
Step Peg
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: To Order
Item No.: TP-217
Joint Lock
∮22X1000mm, GW/NW: 13.5/12.5KG, 40X21X30cm/12PCS
∮22X1200mm, GW/NW: 14.5/13.5KG, 46X23X30cm/12PCS
∮22X1500mm, GW/NW: 19/18KG, ...
Item No.: TP-328
Shackle Lock
180X245mm, 38X26.5X18.5/10PCS, GW/NW: 16/15KG
180X320mm, 38x34x18.5cm/10PCS, GW/NW: 19/18KG
Item No.: TP-401
Steel Cable Lock
∮8x650mm, GW/NW: 17/16KG, 59.5X25.5X34cm/120PCS
∮10X650mm, GW/NW: 16/15KG, 37X31.5X31cm/60PCS
∮12X650mm, GW/NW: 19/18KG, ...
Item No.: TP-FL221A
Bicycle Grip
Material: PVC/TPR
Size: 86mmx∮22.2mm
Color: To Order
Packing: 53x35x23cm/200PRS
GW/NW: 17/16KGS
Item No.: TP-MV32
Road Helnet
Air Vents: 32
Size: L(58-60) M(56-58) cm
Weight: 250-280g
Sizing System: Head lock 5
Pads: Cool comfort pads
Technology: In-Mould/ Out-Mould
Item No.: TPXM-208
Specification: 20X1.95 24X1.95 26X1.95 24X2.125 26X2.125
Item No.: TP-SSB15
Rear Derailleur
Index 15/18 speed rear derailleur
Long cage
Installation: With bracket
Feature: Steel
Total capacity: 36T
Packing: 50PCS/CTN, 35X25X17cm
Item No.: TP-SSD-06
Front Derailleur
Non-index front derailleur, top pull
Suitable for 3 stages sporocket
Steel clamp diam: ∮28.6-∮31.8mm
Capacity: 22T
Top gear: ...
Item No.: TP-S135
Bicycle Chain(old type)